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Uulala, Humanity 2.0 and The Laudato Si’ Challenge  have partnered to build a new model of borderless financial security and access. The objective is to positively and sustainably impact the lives of 10 million migrants and refugees by 2020.

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The Problem


Low-Income Yet High Fees

High Fees For Bank Account, Check Cashing, Bill Pay Remittance, No Ecommerce Access


Transaction Void

The transactions these consumers make are in cash which deprives them credit building activity in traditional system forming a financial history void.

The problem of gaps along an individual’s financial journey

Uulala bridges the gaps along an individual’s financial journey elevates them from a cash-only consumer into the formal economy.

Target Market

Minority Latino Culture

The most under-served market with the most significant financial footprint. The US to Mexico remittance corridor represents over $25 Billion being sent annually, which carries a higher value than oil exports from Mexico. The Latino buying power in the US is equal to $2.3 Trillion. Currently, in today’s age, there is no substantial database showing the spending habits and financial capabilities for the Latin market. Although some attempts have been made the data is at a high level and does not capture the day to day activity that is needed to understand spending habits and critical decision-making statistics. The Uulala data science team through the implementation of attribution analytics will understand what combination of events influences individuals to engage in the desired behavior, conversion, purchase or tracked event. This data acquisition and data mining to develop a decentralized unbanked database of users that can be leveraged internally and by third party advertisers. Uulala will develop trackable offline conversion paths to attribute off-line conversions to location-based behaviors taken through the app.

Target Market

2.3 Trillion

Latin GDP


97% Done physically

3% Done digitally

Top 5 Latin Countries

600 Million +

Latin population from:

US, Mexico down to Brazil


Uulala is a financial solutions platform that provides the underbanked population's access to the financial inclusion tools they need to change their future. Our proprietary micro-credit algorithms and processes can extrapolate users’ purchase history and behavioral habits to forecast their true financial abilities in a moment by moment basis. Most financial activities do not count for a standard credit score.

The fico system does not work around the world. A change is needed for global consumers to have access to products and services they desire. The Uulala platform is a unique system that tracks all financial activities and combines that with decentralized database technology to show the level of creditworthiness a user possesses.


Peer to Peer Loading of Funds

Peer to Peer Loading of Funds


Dev Team


Road Map

road map


Assembled final technology team with 18 years experience in Fintech, Banking and database creation


First version of mobile application with 2 of 6 features, UI / UX upgrade for simplicity. Closed 250k round of investment.


Activated Remittance partners, Bill pay partners and Mobile top up partners. New micro lending scoring system developed


Private Token event. Integration of patented decentralized database contract money loading and system activities. Next round of beta MLM users to be onboarded into the system Role out of 500 multi service locations which include insurance and tax retail shops for customer loading and public onboarding.


Integration with banking bin for debit cards. MOU finalized with Tier one processor to use Uulala payment system for an all in one solution to high risk clients including 10 mlm companies and 5 affiliate sales companies.


Public ICO event to be executed Full implementation of Smart Contract for loading funds peer to peer and for other service activities in the application. Public marketing campaign initiated in the United States and Mexico. Integrate credit collection agency to use our pre paid card system


Integration of micro lending module to allow other providers to participate in the ecosystem. System will be designed to show customer all offer and rates so they can choose which lender is convenient and right for them. Roleout to all LATAM countries with remittance, bill pay and micro credit building. International push for multi service location in key states with high minority populations. Texas, Arizona, New Mexico, florida and New York. Increased of staff in key areas including programing, customer service and biz development.


Continued rollout to LATAM countries integrating the contries remittance legacy platforms along with new crypto remittance solutions.

Use of Funds

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Soft Cap

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Hard Cap

Uulala Goes To Washington DC For Dreamers

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